Policy agree box on User registration page


according to Google Adwords;

Stores dealing with healty products needs to have a “Accept Terms Of Use” or/and “Accept Privacy Policy” checkboxes on every page where you collect user date (such as user registration form / neswletter subscription form / check out page etc.)

CS-Cart has an option to have this on the check out page.

But i did not found any option for placing this checkbox onto the user registration form.

Do anybody know this?

Thank you.

Even I like to know

Could somebody inform me if there is any option for this, so i can continue searching the admin panel.

Otherwise i need to figure out how to modify the script it self.

Hi I have also searched for that, and did not found anything. I also wanted a catcha field also on all send fields ( there is an option for that but not for checkout as a guest!) but also no luck.