PNG Black backgrounds

All of a sudden PNG uploads that customers upload using “file upload” seem to have a black background.
Doesnt seem to happen on my dev store. Any one give me any idea where to look ?


What about Settings → Thumbnails → Thumbnail background color setting?

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are there any server or permissions maybe I could look at.
/images is set to 777

On your screenshot I can see that the thumbnail format is set to JPEG. Images in JPEG format cannot have a transparent background, so it should use a white background if the field is left empty. However, this does not match the black background anyway :slight_smile:

Please try to change the Thumbnail format to PNG and also try to switch to other image resize library (if installed), by changing value in the following code:

'image_resize_lib' => 'auto', // library to resize images - "auto", "gd" or "imagick"

of the config.local.php file.


thanks for the responses, I dont know why it happened but changing thumbnail source to “same as source” fixed it.


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