Plugin: Google Export & Data Feeds | Include " Eur" In List Price Value

Hi there!, we enabled the "Data Feeds" & the "Google Export" feature in order to export to google ads our products, and everything seems to be fine except one issue..

(from the image attached google_export_01.jpg)

we would like at the end of the products to be

....,15.00 EUR,7.50 EUR


and in google_export_01.jpg is our config in the panel

so we would like the export in csv of the field "List price" to be like "Google Price"

the website is and we use CS-Cart 4.8.2.SP2. is it easy to be done?

thank you in advance




Maybe this addon will meet your expectations

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of course but i believe it can be done with a line of code or 2 in the current addon.. thanks for the solution :)

Just install built-in Google Export addons and you will see new parameter - Google price. It includes currency in the value

please read carefully my post :)

please read carefully my post :)

ecomlabs is correct.

i need price & list price and the google_export addon ads the Google price (which is the sale price) only. i need in the csv the list_price value with the (blank)EUR included... see the attachments pls...


try to add the following code

$schema['export_fields']['Google list price'] = array(
    'db_field' => 'list_price',
    'process_get' => array('fn_exim_google_export_format_price', '#this', '#key', false, false),
    'export_only' => true,


return $schema;

Then clear cache and check the result

(!) Not tested

i tested it and it works but the value is from the price and not the list_price..

i also tested adding the 'table' => 'products', before the db_field and i got db error.. :/ but i believe we are close enough.. thanks ecom labs!

so... i will post my solution which is a little bit anorthodox... but basicly it works just fine.. (i will also post it to save my solution for future use)

step 1

(i dont want to advertise anything but everyone posts addons)

we already had this addon purchased

we could not use the link that this addon was creating us even if the csv was correct (dynamic link) because google was not accepting that specific type of url (that's why we were looking for data_feeds & google_export addons to work but got stuck with the list_price value ending in EUR...)

step 2

we created a new xml feed (under products > xml feeds)

in the File Stracture we added whatever we needed and in the file type we selected "csv"

(image google_export_02.jpg)

step 3

i created a php file (getcsv.php) and added the following code

step 4

in cpanel i added a cron job with the following code:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/XX__USER__XX/public_html/feed/getcsv.php

and configured the cron to be executed twice a day.. so we have our dynamic to .csv file converted !!!!

voila!!! :) :)

The correct solution is

- app/addons/google_export/schemas/exim_data_feeds/google_export.php

add the following code

$schema['export_fields']['Google list price'] = array(
    'db_field' => 'list_price',
    'process_get' => array('fn_ecl_exim_google_export_format_price', '#this'),
    'export_only' => true,
return $schema;

- app/addons/google_export/schemas/exim_data_feeds/products.functions.php

add to the end

function fn_ecl_exim_google_export_format_price($product_price)
    $price = fn_format_price($product_price, CART_PRIMARY_CURRENCY, null, false);
    return $price . ' ' . CART_PRIMARY_CURRENCY;

- clear cache and check

YES! thanks eCom Labs! it did the trick! anyway now we have 2 csv ready to play!

Ecomlabs once again has the solution…

You are really helping people you guys!!!

Keep on!!!

You are welcome and have a good weekend!

You are welcome and have a good weekend!


I tried the solution that you offer and implement the changes in the google_export.php file however it does not lead to the desired exported csv file we can use to upload on to the merchant center.

I presume you use the option to export Data

Do you see new field in the list of available fields? Do you see default Google price parameter?

How can we add custom fields ?

We example we need some static fields (example: value 0)

Extend this schema to add new fields:


Use 'process_get' parameter to specify functions which will return static parameters