Pls pls someone help - I blocked myself from logging in admin

i made a terrible, terrible and idiotic mistake today… I blocked myself as an admin… thought i was doing something else and blocked myself instead… and when i try to enter my admin.php page it tells me I am not allowed to access this area…

Is there something I can do on my server such as phpmyadmin or something to give me rights again…

I was in the store access area and pressed administration panel, and deactivated myself there… was trying to make a change to the ip address and messed everything… help help… please!!

Please somebody that knows what to do…


anyone please??

pm me your login data and IP address and I’ll “unblock” your IP for you.

thank you sent!!

I’ve just done exactly the same thing - can anyone help?

I went to my files and copied over last backup which was a sql file, look undr backup file folder in the var/database/backup then went to “myphp” under cpanel and opened up database then clicked restore or deleted out database I can not remember then uploaded last backup and back on track, but I also make a backup everyday do how ever far back your back up is where you will wind up