Please Share Your Experience (Returned Orders)


I have the option to allow the customer to choose Cash on Delivery as a payment method.

Some on them once the shipping company calls to deliver, they refuse to get it and just cancel the order. This will cost me the shipping fees. (Thank god they are not much).

Some of them pays in credit card and also don't pickup the shipment. The shipping company keeps the shipment at their nearest shop so the client can go there and pick it up. They keep it for around a month then they return it back to me.

At this stage, the order status is complete since it was shipped from my store. But when I receive it, what I do, is just change the status to Cancelled so the inventory will get increased and that's it.

However, I think this is wrong. I have an accounting company tracking all shipments on a monthly basis.

- Let's say they have updated the orders for July.

- A client ordered on 30 July so his order is already in the accounting book.

- The client didn't pick up the order and it was returned to me.

- From an accounting side, the order is in the books but since it was returned to me, I need to reverse this Order/Transaction. This will create a mismatch.

The RMA in CS-Cart doesn't do this as a reversed order.

I thought of something maybe will work better. The admin can create a similar order linked to the previous one and just click on a button to reverse it so the total will be in negative and the inventory will increase. In this case, The accounting company will find it as a reversed order when they upload the orders for August and there will be no mismatch.

I will post this in the Ideas section. I hope you vote for it if you find it useful.