"Please Select" in simultaneous select options

I searched but could only find stuff from a couple of years ago so surely there must have been some movement on this issue by now?

I have 2 drop-downs set as simultaneous but the client doesn't want a default value for one of them, they want it to say “please select” or whatever for that one and the field is required so they want it to recognise if something hasn't been selected when trying to add to cart.

Add please select as a product option


That wont give an error if they leave it selected (ie don't select anything), will it? Because it needs to not let them add to cart if they haven't selected an option.

Eg. Hi Vis Vests - Same Day Despatch - you can add the item to the card without selecting a colour or size.

Not if you set to sequential instead of simultanous, we dont use it that way though.

it will say, please select previous option first.

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It has to be simultaneous not sequential

maybe I am not understanding you properly,

when you select sequential and forbidden you get this

Kids Printed Hi Vis vests

Are you saying you want it to alert you but still have the options as sequential.

If so, then no that is not doable without modifications.



I need three simple things:

The option needs to be simultaneous not sequential

The option needs to not have a default value - eg. Say “please select” instead of having one of the options already selected

The item cannot be added to the cart without selecting a valid value for the option (ie. if they haven't changed it from “please select”, it cannot be added to the cart and a warning must be given)

Add-ons are fine but not changes to any of the core files or templates - ie anything that would cause a conflict when upgrading.

I have been waiting for this capability for years. I am still amazed in version 4 one cannot do this basic shopping cart functionality (sometimes cscart developers forget it is a shopping cart system). Sequential doesn't make sense for all products and simultaneous is missing the important ability to do what NottinghamDev is asking for.

Hopefully cs-cart will listen and add it to 4.02.


I've had multiple clients ask for this. We really need this to be an option.

Are you listening cs-cart? This bad behavior makes 'Simultaneous' options useless to most of your customers. And it makes the idea of 'Required' options even more useless.

If you choose 'simultaneous' as your option type, it doesn't matter if any option is 'Required' or not, or even whether or not the customer chooses any options. The cart is defaulting to the first options in every list. All options are already "selected", required or not. All the customer has to do is hit the add to cart button and go on their way, completely oblivious to the fact that they have just ordered a completely wrong product.

All we're asking for is functionality that is standard in every other shopping cart system in the known universe.

standard in every other shopping cart system in the known universe.

you reeeealy sure :)

If anyone is interested, Fotis at https://www.cscart.biz/ has created a beautiful addon to correct this cs-cart bad behavior. He created it at my request, so if he hasn't added it yet to their catalog, just ask for the "Fix Simultaneous Options" addon. It works wonderfully and makes cs-cart function like it should (at least as far as options are concerned).