Please Help

Shadowbox issue

Message: ‘type’ is null or not an object

Line: 1100

Char: 5

Code: 0

URI: [url]http://www.sitecom/js/core.js[/url]

It always happens when the DHTL is used. so for example if I go to checkout and and login and then select change address this will pop up. It doesnt happen in Firefox and I dont think it happens in Opera but not 100% sure but always in IE 8. Any ideas?

This is actually a warning from IE that it halts on (stupid IE). This line in core.js the culprit:


Apparently, the "type" object of data[k] either doesn't exist or isn't an object. The developers should have programmed the data to send a proper "type" with the object. What I see here looks like they assumed the IE wouldn't break on the warning or that there is newer code that fixes this (after an upgrade?).

Either way, I'd ask support about this.