Please help - upgraded hosting plan and now the shop is not sending or reveiving mail

Today I upgraded hosting plan within the same server, aldo I had to change the DNS’s, with I did by the book.

During the first few hours everything was ok, but now, the shop isn’t sending or receiving any email form orders and contact us, I did not touch the mail configuration, it remains with php mail function. I tried changing to smtp but no luck, it’s the same…

Any ideas will be appreciated

If upgrading within the same server why did you need to change your DNS records?

Check the ‘MailFrom’ parameter in your php.ini configuration. Look at your php info in Administration/Logs. It should be a valid address if you’re using PHP mail.

It seems the problem was that they (hosting company) missed a spot during upgrade and left my emails without athorization. They worked it out and now it’s fine again.

Thanks :wink: