Please help from coders.. active product brands

how can i show on product detail page, another brands on this category ?

see image


i build block on product page, but getting all brands, i want filter product category ? see image


any coder can help me ? i thing that easy but i cant do that:(

i wait your helps. thank you



Make Block:

Content: Product filters

Filling: dynamic

Now it will show all filters, but only those that apply to this category.

This makes a great sidebox… people can filter by brand, feature, and so on.

If you only want brand… that shouldn't be to hard.

yes check 2th image. i did same but getting all brands i want show only active category ( product linked category )

If you choose dynamic filling, it should show only the brands that are available for that category… at least here it does :)

yeah dynamic filling working with category but i want only product detail anyone help ?