Please help creating an administrator


I am a total newbie to CS Cart. I am trying to set up administrator login for my SEO guy but cannot seem to get rid of the monetary screen. I don’t want him to see anything that has to do with monies. Can someone please help me with this. What box eliminates his viewing to this. What exactly should I give an SEO guy rights to? Please help if you can!

  1. go to ‘Users > User Groups’
  2. create a new administrator group
  3. set the privilegies for the group as like in the screenshot
  4. go to 'Users > Administartors
  5. create a new user with adminstration rights
  6. click on the tab ‘User Groups’ under editing the new user account
  7. activate / deactivate the right group



After you create his profile, add him to the Administrators group. Users in that group can have special (restricted) priviliges set.

[QUOTE]What exactly should I give an SEO guy rights to?[/QUOTE]

Depends upon many things!

How well do you know this person?

Is your business established, or is it just starting out?

Personally, I would not give an “SEO Guy” any administrator access to my site. There is just far too much confidential information which can be viewed by someone on a need to know basis which doesn’t need to know. I would just ask this person to determine exactly what SEO improvements need to be made to your site & then you can follow his advise & make the necessary changes yourself. :wink: