Placing blocks - Problem

Hi all

I am anewbie in the cs cart zone, I have installing my cs cart ( and I don´t know what are the files or parameters that i have changed, but I have changed the position of the center column and now my center column is the right column

I have checked everythinh but I don´t know what more to check

  1. First I install the cs cart

  2. I install a algozone template, until now the columns are good

  3. I install a 4 files with my changes to the template, now the columns are bad

    but I have checked the four files and they are good in my testing environment, i have made 2 clean installation more, but the problems is the same


    I am comparing the main.tpl in the 2 environments (they are the same) i am comparing the page code in the 2 environments (they are the same) I don´t know what is happening

Have you tried to change their position in Design/blocks on your admin side?

sorry for the nuisance

it was a fucking lost div tag in a previous version, a problem in my change management procedure (now fixed)

3 days for a fucking div tag