Placing a link to a pdf onto page in my shop


Can somone please tell me how to add a link to a pdf file on my machine onto a page in my shop?

Thank you in advance!


You can use the attachments addon. Just be sure that the addon is enabled and then when you are on a product page, click on the tab, upload the file.

You can also go to Content => Languages => Search for Attachments => Rename Attachments on the right to something like Manuals or whatever you are planning on uploading.

Hope that helps,


Thank you for your help Brandon. Where can I find/downoad the Attachments addon?

I went to Content => Languages. There are 2 tabs: Translations and Languages.

I do see “Search for Pattern”. I don’t see: “Search for Attachments”

Should I be searching in the “Search for Pattern” the word “attachments”?

I did try that, and I do see a Language variable called “attachments” with a variable called “attachments”.

Is this what you meant?