Placing a handling charge

As far as I can tell CS-Cart has the option of using the straight rates off the USPS charts or to change the calculating system to a system based on weight of package or dollar amount of packagee. These last two are how we have been handling it with our old cart and it has been less than accurate. By weight or by dollar amount you win some, and actually make a couple bucks on the postage charge, and lose others, where you charge them less than the postage rate. The ideal way to do it would be to take the rate off the official PO and private carriers charts and add a percentage to that to cover handling (without the customer seeing this calculation). But that would be tedious and a real pain.

In looking at the manual and demo I don’t see a way to add a percentage or dollar amount to each order. I’d love to see an extra line at the end of the order cost called “handling” or something like this that would be programmed to add a little extra to each order. Is there anything of this nature possible? If so can someone please give me a simple how-to?

Many thanks in advance!


I’d like to see something like this myself. It seems extremely simple. Add a surcharge to the realtime quote, and that is the full shipping amount presented.

Seems like a no-brainer. Is this option available in the cart, or is it a special order?