I have not seen an update on this subject since late 2012, so I wanted to check in and see if anyone had gotten their sites to work with Pinterest yet.

I am on 2.23 but will be upgrading to the latest version of Professional.

Right now, if you try to pin something from my site with the URL it finds no product photos. The only image it finds is the logo and some of my graphics from the sidebar. However, pinning does seem to work on the demo site of the latest version, so maybe upgrading will fix the problem. [color=#000000][font=Verdana][size=3]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

Also has anyone gotten social sharing buttons such as ShareThis that has Pinterest working on their site?

I found this but have not vetted it or done any investigation - comments? [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]http://www.carttunin…is-connect.html[/font][/color]


Never used that particular AddThis add-on but have used one which had the Pinterest option, which never really worked. The Pinterest 'pin' code seems to work just fine in V3.0.5+.

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The Pinterest 'pin' code seems to work just fine in V3.0.5+.


What is the Pinterest 'pin' code?

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What is the Pinterest 'pin' code?


Browser Button | About Pinterest

Top tip: Get your company Pinterest account now. Keyword specific Pinterest page names are gold at the moment, choose wisely.

Thanks for the advice. I just converted my personal account to a business one and used a name better for SEO. I pretty much only use it for business anyway.

I couldn't believe I managed to get one of the primary keywords in one of my stores industries only a few weeks ago. Pinterest is great for SEO too, if you do it properly. Pin all your categories, add some unique description, and link the boards to your category page. You can then go on to do it for all your products too. Going to look into adding all the rich content tags to the CS-Cart templates to be able to add all product details - product image, description, price, etc - to Pinterest from CS-Cart.

Speak to Flow

He got Pinterest working on his product pages - people can share products on their pin boards…

The Addon from Cart Tuning looks really good, but compatibility with Professional only goes up to 3.0.4. I wonder if it will still work OK with 3.0.5 or if a person should wait until they upgrade it.

Coding Staff has a similar add on here for a better price. I am considering it.


The Coding Staff one looks nice too. I have been happy with other stuff I got from them.

For Pinterest, I am guessing it's not worth it to install this add-on til after I upgrade, since it probably won't pull the product images from my site anyway til I upgrade til 3+.

OK so I'm very obviously a Pinterest newbie.

Can anyone tell me why when I pin a product page using the Pin It browser bar thingie (the one that you drag up to your browsers bar and click it on a page you want to pin) it pins the product using the largest image I have, but when I pin with the little Pin button that comes with the CS Cart Tuning add-on, it pins the small image? I only discovered this after pinning about 30 or 40 images. Is it something to do with the code behind the different pin buttons? I'm guessing it has to be.