Pinterest Error "couldn't Fetch The Image"

Hello All-

I added an “Add-This” social button. And it appears that all of the other social buttons, except Pinterest work on my website. It allows me to click the Pinterest button, pick the board that I want to add to, and then I get an error message: “Whoops! Sorry we could not fetch this image.”

The Pinterest button does work on my WordPress blog associated with my website.

I have changed some wording in my .htaccess, based off of another forum’s advice. Still no luck.

Does anyone have any advice or had this problem? Seems to me, it’s related to CS-Cart.

Thanks in advance.

OK, here's more in depth.

While in Chrome and trying to pin to Pinterest, my debugging tool error message says " [color=#FF0000][font=Consolas,]Blocked a frame with origin “[/font][/color][color=#FF0000][font=Consolas,]” from accessing a frame with origin “[/font][/color][color=#FF0000][font=Consolas,]”. Protocols, domains, and ports must match. [/font][/color]

[font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif][size=3]I am going to assume that having the origin is wrong. I'm confused as to why would be showing up for this. Anyone have any ideas?[/size][/font]

[font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif][size=3]Please and thanks in advance![/size][/font]

Looks like you have an interaction issue with two “off site” sites (searchanise and pintrest) and they are not happy with each other. I'm guessing you are coming up against a searchanize security constraint. Contact the helpdesk and see if they have a solution.

Thanks for the reply tbirnseth. I will do that.


It ended up being code that was in my .htaccess file. Just an FYI in case anybody else has this issue.