Php Versions

:confused: My version of respnsive 4.8.2 supports PHP 5.6.39. I read that starting 2019 the 5.0 will be vulnerable to security issues. Will my program operate on 7.0,7.1 or 7.3 and will my plug ins or add-ons work with any of these PHPs

Thank you

Hello notlim

It should work without a problem. It is recommended to use a higher version of php. Most web hosts have the ability to easily change the php version so you can check if you have silence in the store or make a copy of the store and enable the 7 php version and test operation in the shop.

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Thank you soft solid

My host can make the change for me. What do you mean by "silence" in the store?

And do you mean 7.0 or do you mean Higher?

I am not good with code.


Hello notlim

Silence is late night hours or holidays as now when you can close the shop for a while and check the operation.
Version php 7.2 will be the best.
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Hi @notlim,

I think the PHP version 7.0 is good right now so, using the compatible higher version on the web is better than the oldest.

CS-Cart should work correctly. There were several minor fixed for php 7.1 and 7.2 in 4.9.x version. But pay attention to 3rd party addons as they can cause issues. I suggest you to test your store on localhost with newest php versions at first.