PHP Slowness

Anyone notice how fast the html pages are, then when adding a item to the cart (switches to php pages) the first initial php loading is slow? Once it loads them jumping around any php pages it is then fine for speed. Close your browser then come back 15 minutes later and the php slowness starts all over again. We see this in admin also.

You would definably not want to submit php pages to payperclick advertising or you may getting clicks and customers leaving before the site loads.

This concerns us as we have a x-crap site that loads php with no delays. Both running dedicated servers with compression and zend optimizers.

Any ideas out there to overcome this?

Maybe your SQL server is slow. I had a terrible time with speed with my last host as their SQL server sucked, moved to a new host and the speed of loading is A+

Time will tell, our hosts are running script tests. The database is on the same dedicated server.

For reference, is the CS-cart demo site at CS-cart using mysql or is is the sample store database running from a table within?

The admin at cs-cart is much faster than our backend.

Anyone know? CS-cart can you inform us?

Demo on our site ( uses ordinary mysql database. Do you use secure connection in your admin area? HTTPS connections are much slower than HTTP.

It was the host. The new host is lightning fast.:stuck_out_tongue: