php in pages

Hi, what would be the best way to create a page that runs custom php?

I went to Content->Pages and created a page, but php and/or smarty tags don’t work there, they just show up with the code on the page.

I just want to include a php script that displays some custom stuff in a div, but want the rest of it to be manageable through the admin, and use the same template as the rest of the site does.

something like:

Some stuff here

// including a php script directly from the template.

more stuff here etc.

I'm ok with this not being possible through the "pages" area in the admin, I could just create a stand alone php file but would like to include the surrounding template so that it works with and looks like the rest of the site/shopping cart.


Have you tried using the literal tags?

{literal} code here {/literal}

yup, same problem, everything shows up on the page including the literal tags: {literal} and everything in between them

another way of doing this would be to do it directly in the smarty templates; is there a way to create a template file just for a specific page?

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