PHP emails are not being sent

So we have our store setup to use PHP email function (easiest way to do it) but some emails are sent, others are not.

I made a test order that would empty out the stock, the low stock notification order was sent to the correct email address.

Order confirmations are not sent to either the customer or order department.

So the email function is working, but for some reason some part of it is not.

We’re using the one before the latest update version (not sure on the number/where to find out)

Hope someone can help.

Check your settings in Orders-> Order status under each status.

If any mail is getting out then the underlying mail functionality is working.

As Tool said, check your settings. But also check your spam filters at your mail destination. Using PHP mail is a great way to have much of your mail identified as spam.

Hi guys, checking the order status worked, I had to check the notify boxes, thanks :)