Php Code To Call/echo Elements

is there a way to call/echo elements through php codes? Looking for a resource that has a list of these? For instance I have a category titled T-SHIRTS but above the listed category products, I want to put

See All Our T-Shirts For Sale

, I would assume I would add something like

See All Our {{display_category_name_here}} For Sale

and it would replace {{display_category_name_here}} with current category title or T-SHIRTS and become

See All Our T-SHIRTS For Sale

Are you wanting this to be a link to a specific category based on the category you're in?

If you're in tee-shirts/fancy-shirts, why not assume the customer will use the breadcrumbs to get to the parent category (tee-shirts)?

Sorry, but not clear what you mean or really want to achieve.

There are many ways to get category parent information but depending on how many categories you have, it might be easier just to use a custom smarty block for your needs and have it contain the appropriate link for that page (note that empty blocks are not displayed so if you don't want to use it on certain categories, you'd just have it have no content.

Agree, your request is not clear. Instead of displaying html in php files, correct corresponding templates. For example, in the category details template you can use the following code

See All Our {$category_data.category} For Sale

On category pages, where it shows subcategory images, I want to edit the template by having a h2 tag that refers to the subcategory options.

For example, let's say you sell home furnishes and you have a structure as so:

Departments > Furniture > Living Room > and the subcategories mention Sofas, Chairs, Tables, etc.

So you would land on he Living Room page and it would say, above subcategory icons: "Look At These Awesome Furniture Choices!" by calling Furniture from the category's name. It would for any category with subcategories.

I am just looking for more ways to emphasis keyword rich category names in htags for SEO benefits. A custom title for each subcategory icon listing would be best but much more difficult.

I will try to add {$category_data.category}

Thanks eComLabs

You should correct the following template:





See All Our {$category.category}