PHP Bulk Emailer under /skins/

On my server for some reason PHP Bulk Emailer seems to present. I am not sure if the files came along with cs-cart.

It is present at /shop/skins/

food.php 600 chmod

head.php 600 chmod 600 chmod

nat.php 600 chmod

Any idea if the files came with cs-cart or is my server compromised.

Thank you for the help.

There are NO php files under /skins/

your server is comprimised.

Any idea if this is cuz of cs-cart or something?

No way to tell, except your host can investigate the log files. if its shared hosting, it could a million and one possibilities.

I guess we are talking at both the posts… lets just talk here :

Its is a dedicted server.

delete any php file under skins/ dir and for now I’d change all your passwords ect…looks like you’ve been hacked.

the db1.php seems to have uploaded some content under root folder and affected few other sites on the server. Seems like I am going to have to make the call for reformat and restart.

most likely.