Php 7.2 Ziparchive Problem

hi i run on php 7.2 with fpm on ubuntu

i can see zip values on phpinfo

			Zip version
			Libzip version

but cs-cart + backup button doesnt appear

how can i fix that ?

If you have several store-fronts, please make sure that All stores is selected at the top

no is only one. php info show all need but cs-cart dont see that

PHP version should have no impact on whether a menu item is displayed or not. After clicking the item is when any problems that may occur will happen.

Then its a bug?

Did you try to delete the var/cache directory manually?

yes i try right now. nothing still same .

Please also make sure that you are logged in under root admin account

Yes mate its root acoount, also i check permissions double

Disable any 3rd party addons and try it. If it works, then the 'schema' data that is added by one of the addons is your problem.

Re-enable one by one and test each time. When it fails, you will have identified the culprit.

Yes mate its root acoount, also i check permissions double

Also try to log in the phpMyAdmin, find the cscart_users table and make sure that the IS_ROOT is set to Y for your account

yes mate its root, still i think its ziparchive problem


try to replace

$result = class_exists('ZipArchive');

return $result;


$result = class_exists('ZipArchive');

return true;

Then check if the zip archive will be created correctly

nothing. also i edit datakeeper/manage.tpl

       {include file="common/popupbox.tpl" id="create_backup" text=__("create_backup") title=__("create_backup") content=$smarty.capture.add_new_picker act="create" icon="icon-plus"}
        {if $backup_create_allowed}

still same.

Please contact CS-Cart support team with this issue. The backup_create_allowed value depends on the mentioned line of code

$result = class_exists('ZipArchive');