Php 5.6 And 7.0 Support Will Halt On December 31, 2018

Get ready, guys! And update your PHP to survive the next year.

PHP versions affect many things: from security to speed, down to the basic functionality of our web pages. The reason why you can’t continue using the same PHP version forever is similar to the reason why you can’t drive one car forever. Time “eats” it and it’s getting old.

Reasons why you should upgrade PHP versions

1. Security

2. Performance

3. Support

4. New opportunities for developers

PHP 7 comes with many improvements over its predecessors that will benefit your ecommerce site. Despite this, it is becoming an industry requirement for the launch of a safe and fast online store, so it is important to make the switch sooner than later.

Our DevOps Alex is explaining all benefits of supported PHP in his Post.

Just to add that cPanel have dropped the support for mySQL 5.6. All new installations come with 5.7 or MariaDB 10.3 and there is no way to go back to 5.6. If you are running 5.7 and there are mySQL errors, the only solution is to upgrade to MariaDB 10.1 or 2 which are said to be compatible with mySQL 5.6 - or to install mySQL 5.6 on a remote server.

Transition to PHP 7.2 was quite seamless.

If my site is still on the old version of php, is it very bad for the security of the site?