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i have alot of custom pictures i would like to put in. does anyone have any suggestions of a way to do this that would work well with this program. i would like to have thumbnails that when the customer hovers the mouse over the picture it pops up, not in a new window that you have to close, it just hovers there and when the mouse moves it closes,


If you have a look on or you can probably find a javascript to do what you like. Then, you’d need to edit the code in the templates that creates the popups.

I cannot help you any further but that should point you in the right direction.


now that i ve been thinking , in the past i made a gallary in photoshop to do excatclty what i want to do with this one . i think i will try that again with these photos. thanks alot

Do you have a link to this software? I might be able to tell you if it’ll be easy or hard… If it can be integrated by using a php include then yes, it should be quite easy.


yes i do, it looks like a nice product.

You should be able to integrate that quite easily with a simple php include in smarty. There are a couple of posts on here discussing how to add these.

I had the ComDev Faq system and Link Directory and to be honest I wasn’t too happy with them. I found it very hard to change the layout and styles of them as they did not seem to have any sort of template system and everything was hidden away in the code instead of being seperate.

However, their site has changed and there is a new version of their admin tool now. Speaking of which, the admin tool is good, especially if you want to use more than one of their modules.

And you can of course download the demo and test it out for yourself as well as testing the integration.


it looked pretty good. i guess ill download the demo and check it out. im glad you think it is pretty easy to include with smarty. ill find thoes posts and check it out.

thanks a bunch for your input

No problem.

[quote name=‘recedo’]You should be able to integrate that quite easily with a simple php include in smarty. There are a couple of posts on here discussing how to add these.

can someone point me in the direction of thoes post, i cant seem to find them. or could somone let me know what the best way to integrate this sofware into my cart. its a php photogallary module.



If you look at the sales page for your album software you’ll see that it says you just need calls like

```php ```

Basically all you need to do is add them, modified to follow this format, to your templates where you want them;

{include_php file=“/path/to/load_nav.php”}

See [url][/url]

You could then also start to use some if statements in your cs templates. For example you should be able to make it so that when you are on the gallery page you can show the gallery menu as as CS-Cart sidemenu.

You’ll have to have a play around and see what you can do, I can’t guarantee it’ll work or give any more infomation - I have yet to try php includes in smarty.


okay. i just uploaded the demo to my server, i have a page now in the site info box a page called custome installations. i would like it to stay like that but when you click on the custom installations link it takes you to the photogallary.

Right - I’ll give as much info as I can without looking, or at least how I would do it. It’ll take some trial and error on your part though.

  1. Create a new page - Not using the internal CMS but by following this post - [url][/url]

  2. In the new .tpl you have create in step 1 add your includes to show the album software

  3. Now try accessing the page you have created - instructions on how to access the page are also in post. With a bit of luck it should load up properly with the album software contained in the middle column. If not then it’s back to the drawing board and I can’t help you anymore!

  4. Now if you want this linked to from your info box go to add new page (in CS cart CMS) and add the page url.

    Hopefully that should work for you. Like I said, if not I cannot help any more I don’t think!


wow. thats great so far simon. i am going through setting up the admin now but the kids want to go outside. ill try to get back later. thank you so much

No problem, just hope it helps… Let me know either way.


thanks, will do

i gave up on that comdevweb one, it was too much of a pain to even get started,

i have another flash based photo album, i have it linked but it is a page by itself. how can i get it in the template so it lookes like the other pages. i tried with the ads and the topics but it didnt work.


Hi zoom4267

see if this is what you mean.

no, i like how you did your photos though, i did a lousy explanation, i want to embed the gallery into a new page, the gallery needs 500px wide and the space between the boxes is 600 so i know there is room, the gallery is there now under the site info box under photo gallery, i havent done the pics yet, i am thinking , from reading other mod posts, to make a new tpl. and putting the html form the gallery in there. i ll have to play with that today, but if anyone has any suggestons, i would greatly appreciate it,

thanks alot

Hi zoom4267

i want to embed the gallery into a new page,

The Gallery was on a new page, a popup page of it’s own ???

i have it now as a link in the site info box, so when you click on it it openes a page for itself, but what i would like it is to be on a cart page that has all of the boxes etc.