Phone validation


I need to remove phone validation.

When I tried to modify core.js ( phone Val function ), the image gallery stop working.

Is there any way that I can validate only if phone field is NUMBER ( not character ). No minimum length, and no format.


Sounds like you have an error in core.js following your changes. What does your error console say? If all you want to do is verify that it contains numbers (no spaces, no ()'s, etc.) then you should just check the field with a regex expression of [^\d] and return the result.

What is the problem you’re trying to solve? It looks for a pretty standard phone format.

My console doesn’t say anything, but the image gallery doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t pop up big image like usual.

I only want to validate the phone field is NUMBER only. I don;t need minimum length…etc…Would you please help me?


What is the URL to your site?