Phone Number Scammed


Recently, my 800 number listed in cs-cart contact information is being scammed. I am getting 8-10 calls a day through my 800 number that are fictitious. They have area codes starting with “1”. I use Ring Central which forwards the call to my regular number. I am working with them to see if they can filter out all numbers starting with a “1”. All numbers are random, so blocking them does not work. They suggest changing my number. What would stop the new number from getting spammed.

I have to pay for the 800 minutes and then the number currently is forwarded to my cell phone, which costs .10 a minute. I think the call is real and listen to the voice mails and there is only a beep. Ring central was nice and gave me 300 free minutes, but still paying for cell phone.

Has anyone else experienced phone number scamming and what did you do about it?

I can only come with with two ideas.

  1. Put the phone number into an image replace text with image and not have number listed as text on the site.
  2. Spell out the number, which looks ridiculous, but may stop the stammers.

    Thanks for any suggestions.



Who knows why the people call. I just closed my 800 number the other day because of the damn wrong numbers. I had a number that was 1-888-xxx-3474 which is “fish”, but apparently a company that deals with Dish Network back East used a number that is 1-877-xxx-3474 which is “dish”.

So I kept getting these people from back East that wanted Dish Network. They would go all the way through the voicemail thing that talked about my aquarium store and still be confused when I told them that I wasn't Dish Network. I even had some people get pissed off and thought I was lying about it.

So in the end, I decided to just drop my 800 number. I know that might not be a solution for you, but I just wanted to point out why some people call.



We had to stop posting our toll free number on the internet at all. Every time we got one we ended up with lots of the annoying “beep” calls. We have now had the toll-free number for a little over a year but we never post it on the internet. I am guessing that maybe some type of spider is crawling websites and then maybe a “test” phone call is sent out?

We also stopped forwarding the toll-free calls to our cell phone as it just got to expensive and cell phones just do not prove to be the way to try to help a customer as they often drop phone calls. We just leave it so customers can leave a message and we call them back. Since we have unlimited out going calls on our land line this keeps the usage of the toll-free number down to. I know this is a not a good solution for the big business, but it works great for a small mom-n-pop.


Thanks for your comments. I was looking into this more closely and find I can use a “ring me” service from Ring Central. I may have to change my number first. What Ring Me is, is a button I put on the website that says “click to call” or something similar. The person clicks on the button and there is a popup where the person enters their phone number and then a security image confirmation code. The system calls them first, then calls me and makes the connection.

No one will see the number, but a person can call me and all the phone features including the multiple forwarding would work. I may try this and remove all numbers on the website.


All phone numbers and email addresses should be done by Javascript to prevent screen-scrapers from stealing the information… But, that's not how cs-cart does it.