Phone Number Moderation In Emails


Is there possibility to auto moderate all incoming emails and mask Phone numbers (similar they as Amazon does)?


Is relatively easy to mask any data in emails. What are your needs? Are you wanting to hide phone/address of customers from vendors? If so, you can use our EZ Hide Vendor Fields addon which can remove customer email/physical addresses from vendor notifications. Docs are at

Thanks. I checked pdf and it hides Menus, Tabs and Field. What I need is when Customer Service gets the email from the customer or sends email to the customer from admin area all incoming and outgoing email containing phone number in the body or in the subject of the those emails are masked or deleted/hidden.

So, basically it should have the same functionality what Amazon has. When you try to send your phone or url in the body of the message it comes to the customer as masked or deleted

Does your add-on support this functionality?

There are addon options for this. tI won't do email/phone/addresses that are in comments or other "description" type fields, but it will catch everything from a customer;s profile that is referenced in the emails.

It will completely hide emails/phone if those are selected for hiding from the vendor for Orders and/or Profiles. If not, then the options below wold kick in.

Unfortunately, the addon options are not discussed in the documentation.