Permissions After Install

When installing v4 the “design”, “images” and “var” directories get full permissions (777).

The docs make no mention of changing them back to a lower security setting with the exception of the “config.local.php” file, are these directories supposed to stay at this level or is it safe to change them back to 666 or 644?

I want to make sure that if I change them, it won't interfear with the workings of the cart…



Paul, on a Hostgator VPS you most likely need to set your permissions as 755 for Directories and 644 for Files and you should not have any problems.

Thanks for the tip Struck I appreciate it! :grin:

I agree that it is confusing about which permissions to change after install. I am also using hostgator but I have a shared server. After the install of Multivendor 4.0 I have made the following changes: I changed the individual var files that were listed in the “after install” directions to 664, then I was usure of what to do with all of the files with the 777 permissions. I found this post and then changed all of the directories to 755, files to 644. Is there ANY reason to have any design, image, or var directories or files set to 777 after install? I have been warned that 777 creates a great security risk, is this true? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance