Permission Issue - Upgrade 4.3.3 - 4.3.3.sp1

I'm attempting to upgrade to 4.3.3 SP1 through the admin area. I'm able to download the upgrade package, however I receive a permissions error when I try to execute the install.

I have validated the var/upgrade directory is already there and the upgrade package is downloaded into the folder. I've also set everything to 777 in the folder and still receive the error.

Any ideas?

This is the error I receive:

				Validation issue

Validator "Upgrades directory" returned fail status

Permissions issue

Unable to create "upgrades" directory via FTP. Please, create it manually.

This would imply that the upgrade was not able to execute using http so it fell-back to using FTP and then had a problem creating the directory structure with the FTP credentials provided.

Please review your FTP credentials in your cart settings.

Generally, 777 should not be used (use 755 instead). But if you have different users running PHP and FTP then this may be causing you problems. Using 777 permissions may be what's causing the site to revert to FTP.

If you provide us with the temporary FTP access, we can check the issue