Permissable payment methods per user

Trying to do the following, but can’t figure it out.


We have many customers, some are on different payment methods. ie some net 10 days, some Credit card only. etc…

I would like to be able to select which payment methods are allowed by which customers.

Am I just missing something or is this a custom job by cs-cart team.


since most orders that we ship out are multibox UPS. And i don’t belive cs-cart has that ablilty yet. Can I creat a custome method that will just say that shipping will be added to there invoice.

Thank everyone,

David DeWitt

cs-cart 2.1.2

Does anyone have any thoughts on this??

David DeWitt

Well I’ve been doing something similer not so recently, site not ready yet so not really tested.

All I did was setup members and non-members options where non- member are charge transaction cost but members are not.

I think you should make user groups for each type of member and then setup a payment option setting it for only that group;

User Groups (?):At least one item should be selected [ ] All [ ]Guest [ ] Registered [x] Ten Day payment [ ] 30 day payment

Thanks kickoff3pm,

i completely missed that I could use users groups in payment types. Guess I had set up the payment types first.