Period for Coupons & Discounts

Hi There,

I am creating a coupon that I would like to be able to provide a longer validation period than 2009 (which is the restriction I have through the fields at this time.

Is there any way I can extend this period?

1.3.4 sp3


Am desperate for this. :slight_smile:

In \skins\ADMIN_SKIN\admin\discounts_pages\discounts.tpl:

Change the [COLOR=red]red[/COLOR] part below:


{html_select_date field_array="add_discount_data[0][to_date]" time="`$discount.current_date`" start_year=$settings.Company.company_start_year end_year="[COLOR=red]+1[/COLOR]"}

I am not sure if this will work for your version, because I have version 1.3.5. If you see this code, then you should be able to