Percentage Quantity Discounts

Is there a way to apply a perecentage discount based on quantity purchased per product? I’m using 2.x.

For example, the quantity discounts section of CS-Cart has a place for price, but instead of price, I would like to offer a percentage such as 5% off when ordering 5 of that product.

You would do this via promotions.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]You would do this via promotions.[/QUOTE]

Have you actually done this? I don’t see a way to do this on a per product basis. There is a cart promotion that allows me to give a discount to the entire order, but not to the line item.

You would use a ‘catalog promotion’, not a cart promotion.

Then, select your products and I belive you have an option to apply a percentage discount on quantity purchased.

No, I’ve not actually done it (don’t have the need), just trying to point you in directions that might solve your problem.

No, catalog promotion does not do this either. There is no option to use quantities.

If that doesn’t work for you the only solution would be customization and utilize a pricing table where you could specify the min-quantity and then the percentage by product.

I would suggest products by row and quantity & discount by column. Add a hook to the pricing where the normal quantiy pricing is looked up and use that to look up whether additional discount should be applied.

Did you have specific groups where this needed to be applied or does it apply to anyone purchasing a quantity?

If you want to look at a custom solution, drop me a note at (remove X’s) with any other requirements you might have.

I don’t need it applied to certain groups, but it does apply to certain products. Some products get the price break, some don’t.

old post I know but…

in the product details we have an option to set the qty discount and the by $ or £ is selected by default.

I want the % selected by default and hopefully then when importing my qty discounts I can do it just by percentage.

Much easier for me then to add say 50% markup to whole category then import price discount s of 5% - 10% - 15 for each qty, so when the actual product price changes in furture all discounts change pro rata.