PayPal Upgrade - IP address changes

I got a message from PayPal about the pending update to their service.

How will these changes effect CS Cart PayPal payment method?

Do any code changes need to be made?


As part of our … blah …, we will be upgrading our systems on Friday, April 20, 2012 from 3:00 p.m. AEST to approximately 4:00 p.m. AEST.

Impact to your business

During this time, there will be a system-wide interruption to the PayPal service and our website. It is unlikely that you will be able to access your PayPal account during this time. We recognise this is inconvenient and apologise in advance for any disturbance caused to you or your business.

Rest assured that during this time, all funds will be secured as usual by PayPal’s powerful security and fraud protection systems. While the upgrade is in progress, you will be able to view status of the upgrade at

API/firewall reconfiguration

As a reminder, it is important to ensure your firewalls are ready to accept traffic following this upgrade.[list]

[]If you have hard-coded PayPal’s IP addresses into your API calls and/or firewall settings, you may need to reconfigure these settings after the upgrade. Here are updated lists:

]IP address for PayPal servers

[]IP address for Sandbox PayPal servers

]If you need assistance in reconfiguring the IP address change, please contact PayPal Merchant Technical Support.


We recommend that you subscribe to these articles so that you will automatically be notified of any changes to the IP addresses for our servers.

You are a valuable customer to us and we appreciate your patience as we complete this upgrade.


The PayPal Australia Team


cs-cart uses URL's, not IP addresses for paypal and other processors.

So you may have to do something with your host if your site is locked down very tightly. Just like it says in their message, your site firewall (the firewall of the network at your hosting company and the firewall of the server) MAY have to be adjusted to allow any new IP's.

ok, thanks, all looks good on my server then.