Paypal Trouble After 4.2.4 Upgrade

I have two major problems after running the 4.2.4 upgrade with the Paypal change:

  1. customers can check out using Paypal without paying (!!). Order processes successfully but customer never sees the Paypal login

  2. possibly related: in admin → Payment methods, clicking the Configure tab in Paypal results in Error[color=#B94A48]Oops, something went wrong (Internal Server Error). Please try again.[/color]

    Anyone experience this as well and knows a solution?

Had to reinstall Add-On and totally reconfigure Paypal as Payment Options, quite a mess, but seems to be working.

Messy upgrade, beware

Mine are able to pay, but the invoice shows Total Cost: $0.00 and it does not show the promotions tab in the order in the admin. Reporting bug now.

May have to do with the new paypal settings being in the addons section, try re installing perhaps

I uninstalled from Add On management, but now can't find it to reinstall.

Disregard - found it in the Available Add-ons tab. We'll see if it fixes the issue.

Please try maualy delete var/cache directory from your FTP after upgrade.