Paypal total NOT matching websites

Anyone know how I can have all my paypal payments with one blanket total instead of the itemized totals. SOmetimes customers reiceve one and sometimes the other from paypal.

This is important for me as many of my sales are for over 100 products on an order and for some reason every so often Paypal invoice only shows the first 100. Causing customers confusion as why items were missing from paypals invoice.

Sometimes the customer will reiceve from paypal as a single blanket invoice with just the total which will be ok but other times it is itemized thus possibly causing problems. Seems random and would like all my customers to get one blanket invocie. As they are able to see there invoice from our website so no need to have the same information again.

I have my payment set at PayPal Website Payments Standard .

and my Settings in my PayPal account as

Instant Payment Notification - off

Payment Data Transfer - off

Auto Return for Website Payments - off

Return URL - blank

As KB catalog states.

Hate to loss anymore sales because of this.

I opened a cs-cart ticket and support found same problem as Paypal only limits 99 products on a invoice.

I then called Paypal support and just received email stating that the 99 products is intentional done. The only way around it is for customer to reach a non itemized invoice.

Was told cs-cart uses a method called ‘cart upload’ to post the items to paypal. This can be changed it by setting the variable “upload” to 0 rather than 1.

While looking around i did find in file paypal.php

So Im assuming by changing value to 0 that customers making payment from paypal will get a one line total amount instead of an itemized invoice. Dont know if im in the minority but for the type of products i sell i recieve many orders per week with over 99 products so hopefully this works for me…