PayPal Standard Post-Back to store


I will be using PayPal standard on my cs-cart.

I have another cart that I am using the same method.

Was wondering if CS-Cart gets the same post back from PayPal as I do with my current cart, to let you know the papal order was processed.

I currently get this email for every PayPal order and the status automatically changes in the cart:

PayPal Just Told Your Store to Change an Order’s Status:

New Order Status: NEWORDER

Order Number: 1234667890-173-184-217-55-22100

Order Amount: 49.95

Customer Name: (customers last name entered here)

Prev Status Was: PENDING

Thank you,


Hi Bob,

I’m using PayPal Standard in my CS-Cart and I don’t receive any message from PayPal as you note your current cart is sending. I receive a copy of the order in “In Process” status and a payment receipt from PayPal. I think the info you receive from your current cart is the IPN information that you should disable in CS-Cart.

Hope this helps and anyone can correct me if I’m wrong about the IPN disabling.

I too wonder how this works. My store has only be live for a few days and some orders come through as “approved” while others come through as open. I have to manually verify that my payments from PayPal match up my orders. Kind of a PITA since it isn’t consistent. Would rather it be one way or the other.

I’m not sure why your orders are coming through with different statuses. All of mine come through as “In Process” for PayPal payments. Are you receiving a PayPal receipt direct from PayPal, too? I do and it shows all of the items purchased by the customer along with the standard PayPal info like address, email address, subtotal, etc.

Are the “Approved” orders ones being paid with echeck or something other than PayPal balance? Those payments have to be approved and will have a delay in showing up in your account as the money deposited.

Don’t know if this helps or not…

Most of mine come into the cart just like a credit card order that is approved. Some are sent to “Open”. I’ve only been live for a few days but I did notice that one PayPal order (a large one) didn’t show as paid. But I did get a PayPal receipt so it was approved. I don’t have enough data right now since only about 10-20% of my orders are PP. And then I had a day where I think PP wasn’t working due to some file changes on the site so I don’t have any hard numbers yet. I just know one order that was approved by PP wasn’t “approved” in my cart. So I am double checking things right now.

No echecks accepted so any payment via PP should approve instantly weather is paid via CC or PP balance. I’ll look into the missing order to see how it was actually paid out of curiosity.