Paypal Pro not working - HELP

Seen as I got a very lame short response from CS Cart people on Friday and it’s now Saturday for them, I doubt I’ll get any help from them over the weekend. I am forced to beg here in the forums…

I can’t seem to get my paypal pro working. I have added paypal credit card as an option and using Processor Paypal Pro and under config I entered my username and my password that the paypal system generated and the filename of cert_key_pem.txt for the certificate which is downloaded from paypal and in my webserver in the right location Mode is set to live. Order prefix is blank. CS-CART support logged in and verified the settings Friday.

Yet I just keep getting failed orders. I don’t see where I can see WHY it failed on either CS-CART or on the PAYPAL system. The red text that disappears too quickly and it just says it failed and to contact the admin.

When I tired the same stuff with paypal checkout express, it said INVALID parameter in the red window from cscart. But no real info there and just never gets to paypal at all.

I’ve had Paypal Pro running fine on my Magento system but now I’m live with the CS-CART only to find that I can’t take credit cards!!!

When I attempt to use just straight paypal it jumps to thier site and seemed to work fine. Though I did get a session timeout error, I don’t think it’s releated. The order in the system was set to Processing, so I assume that happened on a successful paypal payment.

So do you have any ideas why my site is not working?



Are you using cURL?

How do I know if I am using cURL? Do you mean curl addon to the unix OS? Again this server and paypal pro have been working JUST FINE for over a year on magento commerse shopping cart. I’ve simply moved to cscart.

I’ve regenerated the API and downloaded and installed the cert and added the api user to the permissions list.

Still get a failed notice with no more info on Paypal Pro and with Paypal Express checkout I just get a error saying it had Invalid Parameters.

This is driving me nuts. I hope someone can at least give me hits as to what to try.

While I was messing around earlier, one order did go through under Paypal Express. I thought it was just a screwup of some kind as the transaction wasn’t in Paypal. But about an hour later it finally showed up in my history and was searchable by the trasaction ID that was logged with the order:

Accepted Status: Completed Reason: none ( TransactionType: express-checkout, GrossAmount: 19.35, FeeAmount: 0.73, TaxAmount: 0.00)

So I went back and tried it myself just now, still get the invalid paremeter statement with express and paypal pro just failed again.

WHERE can you find on paypal or cscart WHAT is actually failling or the error messages generated by paypal or the failed authorizations?

Just tried one more time with paypal pro using a different credit card. Said it was declined by the payment processor. But no info beyond that.

If it makes any difference or gives anyone some ideas. On Magento Commerse I was using the normal paypal website button/payment just fine. But when I switched to CSCART I was getting error messages that my paypal account wouldn’t accept non-encrypted button/payments. I do have a valid SSL and I’m on the url when checking out… so I had to set paypal to allow non-encrypted website payments for the normal paypal payment system to work again. Could this be releated or an indication of communications issues?


Just got another order in through express checkout that has what looks like valid payment info:

Accepted Status: Completed Reason: none ( TransactionType: express-checkout, GrossAmount: 91.18, FeeAmount: 2.31, TaxAmount: 0.00)

But I see also 2 failed attempt from a differently customer attempting to use Paypal Pro…

Grrr. This doesn’t make sense that some people are getting express checkout to work but I can’t.



Your situation sounds very frustrating.

I have a very simple workaround:

I setup a Paypal payment option that is not connected to Paypal.

The option simply says please visit Paypal and send your order total to your email address.

This works quite well. perhaps less than 5% of the time I get an email asking to clarify payment.

did you replace paypal_cert.txt into the correct area?