Paypal Pro Issue

Starting last night, several orders are failing. I called PayPal, and they said the expiration date is coming through incorrectly. It should be ‘mmyy’, but they’re only receiving ‘20’. I’m losing a ton of sales.

This is a 2.2.3 installation. I just upgraded Apache and PHP last night, but I don’t see how that would cause this issue.

Apache 2.0.63 → 2.2.22

PHP 5.2.17 → 5.3.13

I checked my session in the sessions table, and I have the correct credit card expiration info there:


Sounds like something with PHP 5.3.13 is not jiving with the PayPal Pro information anymore with one of your store versions. The only way to be sure is if you can revert back to the previous PHP version. Then unless someone else experienced the same problem you probably would need to burn some support credits here.