PayPal Pro issue

Hi all - I have a 1.3.5sp4 version running using PayPal Pro USA - works perfectly for months and months

Now when I try to place an order I get a generic “Your order has been declined by the payment processor.”

of course the error message just says FAILED - so no help there.

So nothing changed with the site… EXCEPT that I did move the site from one dedicated server to another - but I used a PLESK tool that moved it identical in a couple of minutes - so I am 100% certain, no files were forgotten in case that is what you are thinking - the site files are the same - I even downloaded the API certificate again and loaded to the cetificates folder to be sure… The dedicated IP address was changed - but that info is not stored anywhere

Any thoughts guys before I open a cscart ticket?

Thanks in advance

UPDATED - found the answer all -thought i would post was a php ini difference - need curl exec ON