Paypal Payment Method For Uk Paypal - Advice Needed


Just wondering, Im having (big) difficulties getting paypal (of any type) working with my uk paypal business account.

The options in cs cart seem to be Payflow Pro (US only) or Paypal or Paypal Advanced.

So after many hours adding things to my paypal account, messing around in manager.paypal and generally getting annoyed with it. I cant find any CS cart that will accept the details I am provided with by paypal .

Using the Paypal advanced function, (and my account details from paypal manager) I can customise an offsite page and it is working in so far as I can enter details, but the payment then fails and returns me to cart.

If I try to make the payment method (payflow pro) live it takes me to a page where the country is hard coded US and all processors are USA ones.

Can any UK mv users tell me how they have it setup please?

I was originally wanting to use the paypal iframe in the checkout (like stripe is) but I cannot get that functionality at all at the moment. Also, I thought to be PCI DSS2 compliant it needs to be 3ds, but Paypal Advanced does not offer that...!!

One other thing, Stripe -> when I refunded a payment it didnt set the order status to cancelled? Is this normal. I had to do it manually.