Paypal Payment - Guest Checkout, No Phone Number

hello all,

when customers checkout as guest using paypal, their contact numbers do not get recorded but it does for customer who register.

any ideas?

Same here, just noticed today when using paypal express.

I have all boxes ticked for the fields that "must " use them as requeired in profile fields

Did you resolve basmaster ?

Mine isnt just guest checkout users, its all users that use paypal express

afraid not. however, i did try and move the profile field "phone" to the billing section from contact information but it didn't work so we made changes to the database where the phone profile is now in billing. we will also go for 1 page checkout from which will be implemented sunday night. we'll see if this does anything to resolve the issue. if not, we'll have to delve in a bit deeper.

will keep you posted.

I have asked cs to investigate, Ill come back here

There is a bug, see attached link. Instructions to fix also included here (fixed in version 4.3.8)

That fix hasn’t worked for us unfortunately.