PayPal Express with CS-Cart .. How does this work?

Is there a ‘map’ or anything explaining the steps of what is happening with the payment PayPal Express?

I currently use CubeCart 3 but moving to Cs-Cart … and I use PayPal Pro for credit cards and paypal payments.

Testing PayPal Express, I am not sure if it is working correctly. I am using the TEST / Sandbox right now. I click the Paypal buttons, go to the PayPal (test) site and enter in the logon stuff. After logging in, I click the button to return back to the store to complete the payment.

Now back at the store I finish the checkout … Click the Place Order button and it ‘OPENS’ the order. Why did it not ‘PROCESS’ the order since it was PayPal and the PayPal info was entered. It only creates an OPEN order and never I guess goes to PayPal to retrieve the funds???

Also, the Paypal Express checkout button I only see on the Cart page?? On the checkout page itself there is the ‘Paypal’ option listed (which is the PayPal express)…however if I do not click the cart PayPal button and just select the PayPal payment method on the checkout page itself … then when I click the "Place Order’ button all it does is OPEN a new order…never goes to PayPal. Again I am not if this is just a ‘TESTING’ mode mistake and the regular LIVE mode will work fine??

I am hoping the this is some problem with the sandbox and the normal PayPal Express works fine … I am sorry if my description seems like scrambled eggs but that is what this cart and PayPal Express is turning my brain into.

I don’t want to ‘switch’ over to the new CS-Cart store and just hoping it will work. It’s running fine in my 5 year old CubeCart 3 out dated store which is why I am looking to switch to something more modern. But right now I feel like I’m going to throw up with this complicated PayPal Express on CS-Cart.

Hello Tim,

The “PayPal Express Checkout” button is displayed only on the “Cart contents” page in the standard CS-Cart installation. If a customer selects this payment method on the “Checkout” page on the storefront, the standard PayPal payment method will be used then.

As regards the problem with the “Open” order status, the problem requires investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide temporary access to your server.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hi Pavel,

Thank you for your reply.

I’ll put in the support ticket, thanks.

So it sounds like then I would need to active PayPal Pro (for credit cards) … PayPal Express (since PayPal Pro requires it) … and then also I have to add regular PayPal as well?


Is this how PayPal setup works with CS-Cart 2.1.x?

Is anyone else using PayPal Pro with their cart that confirm?


Paypal Express Payments replaces Paypal Standard payment method, so you would setup Paypal Pro as your merchant account and then setup Paypal Express payments as an alternative payment method in your site.

Thanks Struck.

But I am not sure how exactly does/will it work? I have PayPal Pro setup as the main credit card/merchant account and PayPal Express is also setup with my correct logon/password/api cert installed …

But if a customer (which is me since the store is only in an initial setup right now) goes to check and select ‘PayPal’ to make payment it shows ‘Loading’ on screen which seems normally (I guess AJAX at work)…but then clicking ‘Continue’ takes you to step 4 which you can review the order and enter any comments. Then pressing the ‘Place Order’ button goes will submit the order and take the customer to the order landing page which shows the order has been received okay and the order is in an OPEN status.

Shouldn’t it be taking the customer to PayPal at sometime during this operation?

This is why I am getting very confused as it seems like something is very wrong … but since I am new with CS_Cart I do not know how it is actually supposed to operate.

My testing store is here:

I also just submitted at help ticket with CS-Cart. Hopefully I can get the Paypal Pro/express working properly so I can migrate all my CubeCart store data into the CS-Cart store and make the switch.

[QUOTE]Shouldn’t it be taking the customer to PayPal at sometime during this operation?[/QUOTE]

Yes, after adding items to your cart you should see the Paypal Express button on the Cart page, or you would also see the pay by Paypal option on the Checkout page along with your other payment options. And yes, you should be taken to the Paypal site if you click the Express button, or select it as a payment method in the checkout process at which time you would then enter your Paypal account login details.

I did submit a ticket to the help desk… Maybe I should try reinstalling software. The only actual mod I have just a new skin from 12leaves installed. Everything else is original code. Actually I don’t even think adding the new skin changes any code.

Hopefully the help desk will be able to spot the problem and let me know what happened/or what went wrong.

Thank you CS-Cart Support … They have solved the problem.

I had the Anti-Fraud Add-On enabled (Testing out this service for my new store) and apparently it was causing the issues with the Paypal Express Checkout. Support had made some changes to some to a few files but it seems it might just be better not to use the Anti-Fraud add-on. :frowning:

You are welcome.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hi all,

I just installed paypal express and am wondering: how does this handle shipping costs and their locations, when a customer does not have an account?

The shop can't know from which country the customer is ordering. So how can it calculate the correct shipping costs and send this to paypal?

Thanks for your answer!

The customer will have to submit the information before checking out.

Is it possible to have the option for express on the checkout page?

IE Step 1 select Paypal Express and skip the rest? Or is it only available via the cart link?

Currently using 2.1.4