Paypal Express Not Copying Details Back To Cs Cart


Last week starting using Paypal Express Checkout after upgrading to 4.3.1 due to issues with Paypal IPN (was using Paypal standard with 4.2.x without issues before upgrade to 4.3.1).

Anyway we are happy to use Paypal Express Checkout.

I have noticed that customers details (address details) are not being populated when they are returned to CS Cart (our website).

The process is:

not logged in customer:

  1. customer adds item to cart and click “view cart”
  2. customer clicks on “Check out with Paypal” button and is redirected to Paypal website
  3. customer logs into Paypal and clicks continue, choosing their address
  4. customer is returned to our site (CS Cart) and is given the “Secure Checkout page”
  5. Customer has option to “sign in” or “register” for new account, since most customers will be new we click “register”
  6. Customer enters their password and phone number (which are blank)
  7. Customer clicks register and is shown the address entry page.

    8) customer has to enter their shipping / address details… all fields are blank.

    The shipping / delivery details should be filled out, as that’s the whole idea of “checking out with Paypal”…

    I have gone through the CS Cart logs and the “RESPONSE” from Paypal does indeed include address details, yet they are blank on the checkout page…

    Any ideas?