Paypal Express Multiple Currency

Hi, the PayPal express modules does not do any currency conversion. For example, I have USD, EUR and AUD on my site. The standard PayPal Express does not work. If store default currency is USD, and custmer has AUD selected, it will send wrong total to PayPal! No currency conversion is done, and it send AUD total being equal to USD total!

I fixed that, andI uploaded modified 2 files required. They are located in “app/payments” and “app/payments/paypal” folders. Simply replace original 2 files with included ones (first backup origianl files). All placed in file that I made modifications are marked with the comment “//DJH…”. These files are modified versions of the current V4.1.5. I also have the modified files for older versions if required.

On my store it works for following settings:

Default Currency - USD

Additional Currencies - AUD, EUR

Special currency for AUUS

Just ignore the AUUS stuff in the code(or remove it). It is for a special storefront I have where all USD prices are translated 1:1 to AUD (called AUUS). But, if you do not have any currency with the name AUUS, the code will not have any affect.



In my 4.2.2 it works with base currency EUR. How I am happy to find this mod! Thank you very much for sharing! This crap mod

Addon: Paypal Express Accept Multiple Currencies - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

took all my day and it does not work…

Can you please tell me how to apply this to CS-cart 4.3.x?

not sure if its suitable for latest version