PayPal express in 2.015 Address verification?

In 2.15 there is a mention of a PayPal express change where unverified addresses will not be allowed to make an order.

What is an unverified address?

I hope that it is not the same as an unconfirmed address as confirmed addresses are only available in a few countries.

Confirmed Address

A Confirmed Address has been established by PayPal as belonging to the PayPal account holder.

Unconfirmed Address

An Unconfirmed Address is an address that PayPal hasn’t been able to reliably associate with the PayPal account holder.

There are many reasons why a buyer’s legitimate address may be Unconfirmed.

For example:


[]buyer may have recently added the new address to the PayPal account.

]The buyer lives in a country where address confirmation is not available. (At this time, only addresses in Canada, the United Kingdom and United States can be Confirmed.)[/LIST]

Any ideas for work-arounds if we do have a problem?

Asking customers to manually (directly send PayPal payments to an email address could work temporarily.