Paypal Express Checkout No Order Details?

Why when customer does paypal express checkout order page in paypal or in receipt email from paypal no order details like products are available in it? No product list.

same here how can i show the item description and price ?

Yep, same here. Customers complain that the Order Summary on the PayPal express page is blank,

I guess thats because a Shipping method has not been selected yet, since the cscart does not even know the address or currency.

Unfortunately customers believe in magic and want the Order details shown,

So perhaps CSCART should send only the item details so it can be shown.

Or maybe the “You'll be able to see your order details before you pay.” message can be changed?

wow, yeah, same problem here. :-(

If the shipping cost is free, should show the details, pay without looking at the details there is distrust, not correct procedure. :?


Not much action here.

I really would like to fix this problem.

someone can help us?