PayPal Express Checkout and Order landing page issue


I’m currently evaluating CS-Cart multivendor. I’m using version 3.0.2. I use PayPal express as the payment gateway. On the bottom-right of the View Cart page, there’s PayPal express checkout button. When I clicked the PayPal express checkout button, it redirects me to PayPal’s page but it doesn’t display the order summary in the PayPal’s page before committing the payment in PayPal. When I proceed by normal checkout (keyed-in the shipment address, and calculated the shipment fee), it displays the order summary and I successfully commit the payment in PayPal.

Also, after I completed the payment in PayPal, I was transferred back to my website, into it’s order landing page. Somehow I noticed that the sentence in the order landing page was very misleading. It was written as “Payment Instructions” and the same words as what I put as for the payment instructions on the payment method selections before checking out.

Does anybody experience similar issues? Any solution for this?

Thank you.

If I have understood well when you connect to your paypal no mention of information because you are an anonymous user after logging into your account on paypal and then you click post to redirect to the page with the information of your account to cart

after the sequel is known