Paypal Express Button On Checkout Page?

This has bugged me and my customers for years. Why should a customer that wants to pay with PayPal be forced to enter all their information on our site? One of the main reasons people like to use PayPal is they just log in with a click and don't have to enter all their information. With PayPal Express I can have that button that does what I want on the "view cart" page but since most customers skip that page they never see it. Why isn't the PayPal button available on the checkout page? On an older version of cs-cart I kind of cheated and copied the code from the view cart page and pasted it into an HTML block at the top of the checkout page. This seemed to work for years. But now if I do that I have been told by a few customers that it still asks for a credit card number during checkout. Is there a fix or workaround for this?

You can send them to cart first and there they can decide to checkout with PayPal express or proceed to checkout.

I'll try that out (have in the past) but I'm not a huge fan of forcing the customers to have one more step to back out of a purchase. Plus it's just kind of a band-aid to the real issue. And with the button being all the way at the bottom of the page you have to still scroll way down just to see that button. Not sure why there are add-ons to have the button on every product page but not one where you can have it on the checkout page.