PayPal Express back to site requires login again!

Hi All

I managed to get my CS-Cart working with PayPal express. It takes the info over to the PP account, then on client login in PP, runs the payment process fine. The client was logged in CS Cart before the pay process, but did not click the remember me button. I hope it doesn’t require that, as clients don’t normally want to do that.

After payment in PP, it returns the client back to CS-Cart and a new Login page! It seems to forget that the client is already logged in. After logging back in, the order confirmation comes up.

Is this normal? I am worried clients will get confused. Can’t it just go straight to the Order Confirmation (Check-out) page, no log back in?

I haven’t tried setting up a bank merchant yet. Does this happen in that as well?

CS-Cart version 2.1.1. All fresh install, not upgrade.