Paypal Errors

Customers have reported failure to pay using PayPal this month. I do not get many orders and have ubly just found out. There errors are:

Error 10002Security error: Security header is not valid

ErrorIncorrect or missing confirmation code.

Connecting to PayPal server...

I have not changed anything in cs-cart or Paypal. Any ideas?

Please make sure that the PayPal mode was not changed to Test in the payment method settings

The mode has always been on live. I have 2 gateways, Paypal and Paypal Express. Both do not work.

I have tried adding it as a new method using the PayPal config live tab. This also gives Connecting to PayPal Sign Up Server... error.

Could one of the files have been hacked?

Have you changed your certificate on paypal/cs-cart if you use one?

Is your server/CURL still using TLS 1.1 and/or SSL for the cypher?

Both of the above are either currently or soon to be obsolete.

It seems my SSL expired that was with a different host. Thanks for your help.

I still have not been able to PayPal working despite install a new SSL certificate and checking the TLS. Also when using s wizard to configure Paypal (see image) it also halts at connecting to PayPal server. Any ideas?